Cash Bandits Museum Heist Slots

The Cash Bandits have wowed players over the years with three separate games. Now we have a fourth to add to the action. Is it as good as the previous three? Let's find out.

Expect a format you've likely seen before

Yes, the game is a five-reel one with 25 paylines to cover.

Which betting option will you go for?

The game starts at a quarter to qualify it as a penny slot, but there are various other coin amounts to take it up to $125 per spin at most.

Three special symbols to watch out for in Cash Bandits Museum Heist

There are two robbers in the game, each acting as a wild icon. They can substitute for most other symbols, the exception being the logo. As you might suppose that is the scatter.

Does the slot include any bonus elements?

Of course - and there is a random morphing wild element that can appear if a wild does. There is a chance it might expand to a 3x3 giant symbol before pays are awarded.

Meanwhile, three, four, or five scattered logo symbols will bring you five, seven, or nine free spins, respectively. However, you'll need to complete the pick bonus first. You can choose some of the masterpieces from the museum - the same quantity as you found scatters.

This pick bonus reveals a series of boosters for the games to come. Some of the masterpieces hide X icons, and you can get two of those before the third ends the pick feature. You might find a wild reel, some giant symbols, and potentially some multipliers as well.

Does Cash Bandits Museum Heist live up to expectations?

If you recall the famous Vault Bonus from the first three slots, you'll see there are no huge quantities of spins here, although there could be some multipliers in action. It's nice to see a twist on the theme though, and all told we think the slot game delivers something different that continues the series in style. We're now wondering whether there will be a fifth installment? We guess it depends on how popular this version becomes along the way.