Asgard Slots

Asgard Slots is a throwback to the long gone ancient times of the Norse gods. From the recent Marvel movies, you are probably familiar with some of the most popular aspects of Nordic mythology - the trickster God Loki, the all father God Odin, the mighty hammer wielding Thor, and the rainbow bridge regarding Heimdall. Of course, there are many more deities in the actual legends; you will become familiar with them in Real Time Gaming's five reel, 243 pay line video slot.

The layout of the game board is rather futuristic for a theme that is supposed to be a throwback to the extremely distant past. The grizzled war God Odin is an important symbol that pays out some of the best cash and prizes for those who are playing for real money. The war goddess Freya is also an important symbol; most versions of Norse mythology have her as the wife of Thor. After these prime gods, the low-paying symbols consist of the number nine from poker, the number 10, the Joker symbol, the Queen, the King, and the Ace.

In the regular game there is a golden wild symbol that is symbolized with a gold card that has the word "Wild"written across it. It can substitute for any other symbol except for the scatter; furthermore, whatever prize you win when it does make a substitution is doubled in value. For 5 golden wild icons on the reels, you can win 1000 credits; 4 Golden wilds results in the 200 credit and 3 golden wild symbols is worth 75 credits. There is a special feature in the game called Loki's Magic - is represented by a silver colored wild icon. This wild can substitute for all symbols except for the golden wild and scatters:

  • Five silver wild symbols gets you 500 credits - this is doubled if a golden wild also appears
  • Four silver wild icons are good for 100 credits; double this if a golden wild shows up as one of them
  • Three silver wilds are worth 30 credits - same properties as above apply
The bonus symbol has its name written on it in Asgard Slots, and it functions as the scatter icon that cannot be replaced by any of the wilds. Five of these returns a win of 250 credits, four of them 20 credits, three of them 2 credits and a single scatter is good for 1 credit. Any wins are multiplied by your total bet. As an All Ways Pays video slot, you've got a pretty good chance to have a lucky spin or two. Asgard Slots can be played for real cash, or just for fun.