Cai Hong Slots

Cai Hong Slots is from Real Time Gaming, and has five reels and a larger than average 30 pay lines. It is a decidedly Chinese-flavored video slot, and is intermingled with the some of the animals that you would find on most Asian peninsulas. This includes a lucky rabbit, cattle, the Asiatic Bengal tiger, what looks to be a Sun bear, a rooster, and Emperor from the Han Dynasty and the poker symbols from 9 through Ace. The background is that of a being blue sky with a rainbow and fluffy cumulus clouds. Be at peace as you either play for fun, or play for real money.

The wild symbol is the Emperor from the Han Dynasty and the scatter symbol are Chinese characters - or rather, a rainbow banner with several Chinese characters. The Emperor of the Han Dynasty he presides over wealth in Chinese mythology, and here he can substitute for any other symbol except for the scattered rainbow signs. Should the wild appear on the reels, then your win is doubled in value. If you manage to get five wild symbols, then the prize is 10,000 coins. If you get 4 wild symbols the prize is 2500 coins, three wild symbols in the prize is 250 coins, and for two wild symbols you get 10 coins.

Rainbow Chinese scatter symbols are worth a lot less than the wild; however any scatter wins enjoy the ability to be multiplied by your total debt - so don't worry so much about getting them in a row. Nonetheless, five scatter symbols are worth 500 coins, for scatter symbols are worth 20 coins, three scatter symbols are worth five points, and to scatter symbols are worth two coins.

Now we see what the other major symbols can provide - remember, when the Han Dynasty Emperor who presides over golden wealth (the wild symbol, basically) shows up, he doubles the prize. Five Tiger symbols gives you 750 coins, for Tiger symbols gives you 125 coins, three Tiger symbols gives you 25 coins, and to Tiger symbols provides you with two coins. Next up is the rooster symbol; five of these gives you 750 coins, four of these gives you 125 coins, three rooster symbols gives you 25 coins, and to rooster symbols gives you two coins. There are lower paying symbols, and you shall see what they entail below:

  • Five cattle symbols produces 400 coins, four cattle symbols produces 100 coins and three cattle symbols gives you 20 coins.
  • Five rabbit/hare symbols gives you 250 coins, four rabbits gives you 75 coins and three rabbit symbols gives you 15 coins.
  • Five sun bears gives you 250 coins, four sun bears gives you 75 coins and three sun bears gives you 15 coins.
Just as with the higher paying symbols, when the Han Dynasty Emperor of Wealth Wild appears, he doubles the value for a greater win. Cai Hong Slots is ready to accept players now without reservation - whether you wish to play for fun or for cash. Check it out today!