Cash Bandits 2 Slots

As you can well surmise, Cash Bandit 2 Slots is proof positive that the first version was very successful and online casino gamers took to it readily. Sports yet another thieving caper by the same hooligans who robbed banks in the first version of the game – which was a much the way back 2015. In the follow-up, you can expect a lot more on board action, as well as more lutes and prizes available than in the first one. But keep in mind that the cop systematically, which means you're going to need luck on your side as you try and navigate the reels to find the best exit after the heist.

If you want to see what Cash Bandit Slots looks like, then just head to another corner of this online casino and play part one. You will quickly see why that one was such a huge hits with online gamers from every corner of the earth. Probably come to expect nothing less from a software engineering suite such as Real Time Gaming; they definitely do not disappoint the fans in this.

There are many symbols on the reels that are indicative of a bank robber's dream – not including the police symbol, of course! You'll find a red alarm, a golden bag of cash with a big-money sign on the front, a wanted poster displaying a bewildered criminal, a bank with Grecian columns, a pile of greenbacks and coins, a hilarious cup of coffee and doughnut, the female bank teller, a police badge, handcuffs, and a grizzled veteran of the force. With all of the symbols to keep in mind, you should have a grand old time trying to get at least two of them to show up on the reels – which often leads to prizes that surprise you.

As if all of the other glorious attributes were not enough, you can also play Cash Bandits 2 on your favorite portable mobile device. It is simply a blast gaming the way in the middle of a crowded room as everyone else stands idly in line waiting for their order. You could very well be winning some cash! Or, if you choose the Instant Play version, you could just settle for having fun. The online games offering by RTG's gotten even better lately, given the recent update to dozens of their mobile slots; these updates improve the gameplay drastically.

Rounding out this review, you should have a lot of fun employing your digital safe cracking skills in the service of the hooliganism that dominates the gameplay. In addition to the previously mentioned duties, there's also a Vault Feature that provides you with the opportunity to win the largest stash of cash in the game. You get to choose from a handful of vaults using a random number keypad; the correct combination unlocks riches untold. Download and play – however you like.