Dragon Orb Slots

If you appreciate fantastic color schemes and vibrant artifacts in the game, then the brilliant Dragon Orb Slots is a five reel R T G video slot that will appeal to you. It takes place in a fantastic and magical realm in which the Dragon-inspired action never seems to stop. These gigantic aerial fire breathing lizards are displayed throughout the game, along with multicolored crystal orbs through which you might just see a bright future in the real money games. Legends of old foretold that's the dragons will come again, and bring with them fortune for the bold.

The symbols on the reels might look strange at first glance, because you've never seen them before; there is a light blue base with dancing snakes emblazoned on the front, there's a fantastically drawn art piece of dual candles, there's a magic scroll with ancient writing, there is a smoking Dragon fire pit statute, and a pagoda with a small mountain of gold dust in front of. Without meaning to oversell the graphics, you really might not be ready for just how good Dragon Orb Slots looks to the eye.

Dragon Orb Slots is just another in the line of incomparable Eastern Asian-themed fantasy slot that software maker Real Time Gaming has been on a tear releasing lately. This one is similar to some old and new favorites; God of Wealth Slots, Zhanshi Slots, and Fucanglong Slots come to mind. They are all quite immersive and unapologetic in their cinematic-level appeal to the gaming masses, which is a model that's forcing the competition to take note. This may be the primary reason why you’re noticing slots of higher and higher quality emerging from RTG and comparable online casino games providers. It’s only going to get better, so now might be the best time to grab your casino account and take advantage of the bonuses and promotions available to real cash gamers.

While it's all well and good to allow the graphics to take you win, be sure to pay attention to what's actually happening on the game board. There is a wild respin feature, for example, that will appear when you get a minimum of three scatter symbols in the regular game. This opens up the opportunity to win up to 10 free spins using the wild Dragon orb icon to substitute for lower paying symbols and complete a winning pay line. The betting amounts starts at $.10 for each spin and that a full $10 for each spin. Let's make it a good one and play Dragon Orb Slots tonight.