Eagle Shadow Fist Slots

Eagle Shadow Fist Slots
Real Time Gaming continues to deliver slots with tremendous acclaim year after year. Eagle Shadow Based Slot is very much in this same vein; supporting five reels and 25 pay lines, it has a lively background with rainfall as the primary animation, and Chinese temples and peasant housing surrounded by lush vegetation. If you consider yourself a foreign movie aficionado, then you just might recognize the template from an old action film starring actors and actresses from the Far East. They bring good tidings to the slot, along with such benefits as multipliers, free spins, large cash payouts, and big-game features.

If you tend to play slots just for fun, then there is little reason to worry about the pay lines and the cash amounts that correspond to each symbol. However, if you are a real money player, then these things will matter, as well as a number of lines you actually want to play – up to the maximum 25 of course. The coin amounts start at one cents and and that $.25 for each one; however, you can wager on all 25 pay lines for a total at the minimum end of $.25 and a total at the maximum end of $6.25 per turn. Alternatively, you can just use the Max Bet button to pick the maximum each time.

Ego Shadow Best slots consists of a balled up fist emerging through the screen with a golden red background trailing. That is to say, this is the wild symbol – it replaces all of the symbols (which is why it's also called the substitute symbol) except for the scatter to finish a winning pay line. It also brings the biggest regular jackpot in the game, as well as doubling whatever price amount you win dependent on the symbols that line up successfully. Its final attributes this to allot multipliers to certain wins.

If you can get five wild symbols on the board that correspond to an active pay line, then the prize is a huge 10,000 times your initial bet. If you get 4 wild symbols, the price amount is 1000 times you bet. Three wild symbols are worth 100 times your bed and two wild symbols are worth 10 times your line bet. Of course, if the symbols aligned you are actually in line for an even bigger win, then that one is awarded instead of the wild attribute.

The two martial artists symbol serves as the scatter; if you get five of them in a row than the prize is 200 X your total bet or something like 5000 times the line bet. Four martial artists scatter symbols are worth 20 times your bet, three scatter symbols are worth twice your bet and to such symbols merely reveals your precise bed as the win. You also get 20 free spins as the highest award of that kind. There’s a lot more in store for the eager gamer with Eagle Shadow Fist slots; download today to uncover the many secrets.