Legend of the Nile Slots

Legend of the Nile Slots is a Betsoft creation that has an unconventional six reels in a 7 x 7 layout. Obviously, from the name, you can tell that it has an Egyptian theme – which is shown to be very successful in the world of online casino gaming. Although there are slots with similar themes, Legend of the Nile stands out with this awesome number of free spins, jackpots, and cash payouts for the lucky winner.

First of all, the background is very detailed, almost as if the software designers are trying to capture your attention away from the game board. The detail encompasses lush vegetation, lotus flowers, palm trees and the sand swept steps to the mighty pyramids. The symbols on the reels comes straight from the Egyptian pantheon of gods. You will find Horus, Isis, Anubis, Ba, Tiamat, Tiet, the Eye of Ra, Pharaoh, pyramids, scarab, an ankh and more. Out of all of the symbols, the scarab and the Pharaoh are the highest paying – you can win up to 3000 coins if any of the 20 most popular icons appear. The pyramid is the wild symbol and substitutes for all others except the scatter. It also doubles your win, which means you can actually win up to 6000 coins using the highest paying symbols.

Just in case you haven't noticed, there are no conventional pay lines in Legend of the Nile Slots. The way to win with this unique board arrangements is to obtain at least for matching symbols in clusters – these generate wins according to the game pay table. The winds can come at the symbols matchup either horizontally or vertically; this ability actually more than makes up for the lack of respins can be triggers that are common in games with the conventional pay line scheme.

As for the special attributes in this video slot, the Exploding Wins Feature is a sight to behold. When a winning combination shows up, the representative symbols will explode on the reels and be replaced by flashy new symbols in an animated cascade. Of course your wins will be paid out at that time. The next special feature is the Ra Power Bar. In Egyptian mythology, Ra was the Sun God who brought light to the world and played a huge part in the rectification needed between Horus and Anubis. In Legend of the Nile Slots, Ra is the vibrant green symbol with the head of a bird. Using this, you can win up to 400 times your bet, free spins, and the games progressive Jackpot. There’s a lot more to this strange and wonderful slot; check it out in the free to play mode to get a handle on how it plays, and then try it for real money if you’re the gambling type. Just download the casino software for the latter option and see what happens.