Shanghai Lights Slots

You haven't truly lived until then on the fascinating streets of Shanghai. Many visitors remember it as a sort of Chinese version of New York City; the fun only really ever begins when night falls and the city comes alive. The video slot Shanghai Lights attempts to capture all the color with which the nightlife is replete for faraway visitors to the former home of the Han Dynasty. To make the experience really authentic, feel free to pour yourself a glass of champagne while you try to its the more lucrative symbols on the spinning reels.

It's no secret or surprise that Shanghai is absolutely central to the burgeoning Chinese reputation of being a place of riveting entertainment and nonstop nightlife party. With five reels and 50 pay lines on which to apply your trade, you stand and outstanding chance of winning if you play consistently. Nothing is ever guaranteed of course; but with a slot this large, it means there are plenty of different ways that the icons can show up on the reels to deliver a win. Speaking of icons, you will find the hearts, four leaf clover, diamonds, a young handsome Asian guy, pretty Asian girls and more. The exact worth of each symbol is available as information in the pay table.

The software on which Shanghai Lights Slots runs has been adapted to the mobile device platform. If you have an android smartphone or tablet then you can play this wherever there's an Internet connection. The same goes for Apple iOS; the instructions on how to activate it are available on the casino website. Do not get lost in the visual appeal of the Shanghai Nightline – militia playing for fun. Otherwise, stay focused on the reels and see if luck plays out on your side to get the high-paying symbols.

Nonetheless, Shanghai Lights Slots is a riveting experience as the debonair bartender serves up virtual mixed drinks picture the little animations that are scattered throughout the game are just small bonuses to the overall excellent atmosphere and thrilling experience. What's not to like about 50 tremendous pay lines? Especially when there are so many special features that can be activated to enhance the winnings that luck already brings you. The goal point of the scatter symbols and if you can get at least three of them you will be ushered into the bonus round were five free games await you. Play Shanghai Lights Slot today to see if it suits you as well as other online casino games - we doubt that you’ll be disappointed.