The Angler Slots

When it comes to just impressive the graphics of a video slot can be, Betsoft's The Angler Slot takes the trophy and runs away with it. You haven't seen a video slot this good in the online space – ever. The theme is a fishing trip, with a large strapping fisherman doing his best to snag the denizens of the deep just off the shore of a Crystal clear Lake. Even the wooden peer looks true to life; and the waves of the water are indistinguishable from a sunny day on the beach.

Spread out over the five reels and 20 pay lines of The Angler Slots are numerous that inhabit the waters. You will see a green puffer fish, and orange goldfish, a blue sea tortoise, the inimitable hammerhead shark the fisherman himself, and the upper playing card symbols from the table game poker. The software engineers even paid attention to the background; it is set in a mountainous region with a cool blue sky above and a forest surrounding the water. You can bet up to five coins on every single pay line and the betting range is from $.40 to $100 per spin in the minimum and maximum range.

There is a Free Spins bonus feature that starts up on the final three reels of the game. You need the scatter class symbol to participate in order to have access to this feature apparently, pearls bring you great luck online as well as off-line. You will need a minimum of three clam with Perl symbols to show up in order to claim the free spins. Also be on the lookout for wild symbols – which are sticky in this game. By sticky, this means that the wild symbols, when they appear, will remain in place during the entirety of the free games around. As such, it will keep on turning your hand into winning combinations.

The Time to Fish bonus feature, in which a pail of flopping fish serve the function of a bonus symbol, as the potential to multiply your wins by a factor of 20. Clearly, this is one that you want to hit if you're playing for real money.

The Wild symbol in The Angler Slots is the genius octopus. As one of the smartest cephalopods in the ocean, this predatory mollusk only brings good news for you, the gamer, if enough of them show up at the right time. In fact, the second, third, fourth, and fifth reels are the ones that can be dominated by the octopus. Along with the fisherman, you can get up to 350 times whatever you put down on the bet line. If the hammerhead shark appears, then your total prize can be 200 times. The sea tortoise, when combined with the octopus wild symbol is worth 150 times your bet. The orange goldfish is worth the least; but this is still a lot of money. Try 75 times the betting amount!

Visual appeal aside, The Angler Slots is quite an adventure casting lures and potentially turning them into cash and prizes if the chips fall in the right order. Download and play for money if that is your wish.