Fire & Steel Slots

All it takes is one look at Fire & Steel Slots for you to see the unmistakable resemblance it has to Peter Jackson's massive cinematic box office it, Lord of the Rings. Frodo and his merry crew's adventures to Dark Mordor is alive and well in this video slot. More recently, Fire & Steel Slots has a remarkable resemblance to Game of Thrones and the trials and tribulations of Kings Landing. All of the usual suspects are here; you will find dragons, great warriors, undying magic, Queens and Kings assumed by the symbols on the reels.

Don't think that the alliteration of the Fire & Steel name was not planned to be reminiscent of George R.R. Martin's A Of Ice and Fire – given the huge reception that has been experienced by the latter. The symbolism matches, to, guaranteeing that if nothing else this slot will be a joy to behold. Made by the engineers at Betsoft, it has five reels and 20 pay line in a unique pyramid layouts. The soundtrack is quite immersive, with foreboding classical scores reverberating in the background.

Using the various gemstones, swords, magic books, helmet armor, goblets, crown and shields, your task is to fight your way through the gritty realm in search of riches that pay in both the right to left and the left to right configuration. This game is unique in that you are obligated to play every single one of the 20 pay lines; usually, and other games, you can choose the number of them that you wish to play. You can vary the number of points play per line, which makes it a good bet for those who want to play just a little bit of money or a lot of money. You can avoid playing for money altogether by choosing the instant play option.

There are other unique aspects of Fire & Steel Slots: the triple wild symbols is another of these. The shield maiden and the warrior are two of the highest-paying symbols in the game, which means you will rejoice when they appear on the reels in fives, fours or even threes - the coins they deliver are a considerable prize. As with all Wild symbols, they substitute for others except for the scatter, which has its own properties. The top feature is the War of the Wilds mini-game; 10 free spins are awarded once this feature is triggered. Lastly, there’s the gamble feature - thi is only useful for real money players, and more information about it is on the pay table. Try out Fire & Steel Slots today for a chance at fun or money.