Reels of Wealth Slots

Reels of Wealth Slots is a detailed video slot from the library of Betsoft. Quite obviously the theme of this game centers on displays of riches and wealth – such as diamonds, birthstones, straight cash, and gold bullion. You might have heard of the Slots 3 series that is reflective of the many changes in online casinos these days. Some of the attributes are tremendous graphics, a fast paced form of gameplay, and multiple progressive jackpots. With bonus features like these, you could hardly blame anyone for never returning to slots of the classic variety.

Reels of Wealth Slots as five reels and 10 pay lines over which symbols like a blue diamond, a burgundy treasure chest filled with gold bullion, dollar bills and jams, a bag full of riches, an Emerald gem and several more gems – including the poker jackets starting with 9 and ending with Ace. The coin values for the pay lines are from a penny to a dollar; this results in a minimum total bet of $.30 and a maximum total bet of $30 per spin.

The highest paying symbols begin with the treasure chest of gold. Five gold treasure chests are worth 250 coins or credits. Four of them are worth 60 coins and three chests are worth 20 coins. The bag of gems and gold is next on the list with a 200 point reward for getting five of them on the reels; 50 coins for four of them, and 15 coins for three of. The pile of cash is worth 150 coins for five, 40 coins for four of them, and 15 coins for three of them. The blue gem requires a display of five such icons in order to receive the 120 coin, for blue gems equals 30 coins and three blue gem icons equals 10 coins. Rounding out the list, we have the Ruby gem for 100 coins five show up, 30 coins before show up, and 10 coins of three shows a. The Emerald gem is worth 75 coins for five, 20 coins for four, and five coins for three.

In terms of the next most valuable icons, we start with the bare gold bullion. If you land five of these on the game board, you get a reward of 50 coins. If you have four of them then the reward is 20 coins, and three of them yields five coins as a reward. Next in line is the Kings medallion symbol; five of these yields 50 coins, four of them yields 20 coins, and three medallions provides a reward of five coins. To learn the rest of the rewards just see the pay table – it'll give you the prizes for the poker jacket symbols.