Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped Slots

With such an elaborate and long name, Sugar Pop 2: Double Slots had better bring the good stuff – and it does a-plenty. It is a veritable candied wonderland in which the delectable-looking symbols will definitely make your mouth water for some sugary sweets. It's made by Betsoft and his heart up there in the graphics category with 7 vertical rows and 7 horizontal columns of glistening symbols. In case you are trying to figure out why the game looks so unique, it is because of the combination of both two-dimensional and three-dimensional perspectives. This works very well with the grand amount of space that the gameboard takes up.

When it comes to real money players, there is a healthy range of betting options. You can put down anywhere from 50 – 250 coins for every spin. Since the values range from one cents to one dollar per coin, this means your total bet can be as low as $.50 for as high as $250 per turn. Keep in mind that the traditional pay line reckoning does not really apply to Sugar Pop 2 Slots; the software engineers swapped those out in favor of clusters. A cluster consists of a set of matching symbols and can occur in matching formation either vertically or horizontally (rows or columns).

You may also be privy to a free spins bonus for your gaming efforts. To get here you require a four simple cluster of red candies with one yellow appearing in their midst. This cluster delivers five free spins. Different combinations can get you seven free spins, nine free spins, 11 free spins and so on all the way up to 20 free spins. As with all the best video slots, these free spins can be re-triggered. The candy bomb feature is related to the free spins feature; it comes in the form of a sugary bomb that would explode and provide you with an instant prize when depending on the arrangements. It is really cool to watch, as the avalanche of sweets dominates the board.

There are many different types of cluster wins in this slot; for example, the heart candy symbol can pay out as much is 20 X your original bet, the sweet blue triangle can pay out 15 X, the green circle candy can pay 12 packs, the yellow cube candy8 10 X, the orange candy can pay 8X, the pink candy can pay 6X, and the teardrop shaped candy symbol can pay you 4X. You don't have to memorize all of this; just check the in-game pay table for the details. All that’s left is to download the casino software and play the night away - whether for free, or for money. Sugar Pop Candy Slots 2 is open all the time.