Sweet 16 Slots

If you spotted the Sweet 16 slot game and thought it might refer to being aged 16, you're incorrect. It's actually to do with candy - or sweets, as some might say - so will it prove sweet enough along those lines?

This is a five-reel game with plenty of potential

There are zero lines to worry about as they've given us ways to win instead. For the 5 x 3 format that pops up here, this means there are 243 of those in play.

Choose a coin and multiply it by 25…

That's the bet multiplier used for this game. You can start at a penny, which means betting 25 cents on every go. There are other options too, but the biggest maxes out at $2.50.

Are there any special symbols to search for in Sweet 16 slots?

Yes - you've got Sweet 16 labeled on a heart shape, which gives you the substitute you're looking for. Only the lollipop, behaving as a scatter, can't be subbed by this. The wild is available on reels two through five, with stacked potential also coming into play.

Morphing symbols are featured in this game

What does this mean? Simply that every winning combo will change into another one once the payout is made. Each time this occurs, the multiplier rises by 1x. If you string enough morphing actions together, you can reach up to 10x. If they morph and you do not get a new prize, the game continues with a paid spin and the multiplier returns to 1x.

There are free games to be had in Sweet 16, too. You can guess you might get 16 of them, and you'll need three lollipops to trigger them. The base multiplier for the Morphing Symbols feature begins at 2x this time around. The highest you can go to is 20x, so if you manage to get close to that, there could be some good prizes coming.

Sweet 16 is a sweet slot game to check out

It's not the most complex we've seen, but it certainly makes the best of the candy-filled theme. Check out Sweet 16 today - it does have a practice version to get things moving.