Ritchie Valens La Bamba Slots

Anyone who likes rock 'n roll will almost certainly have heard of the enigmatic Ritchie Valens. This Mexican impresario became world renowned despite living only a couple of decades - due to a tragic plane crash that also claimed the lives of rock legend Buddy Holly and the Big Bopper. In fact, the Big Bopper also has his own slot - but that is another story. Ritchie Valens La Bamba Slots is in possession of six reels and an impressive 729 effective pay lines. While playing it you will be regaled visions of instruments and paraphernalia from the Golden age of rock. There's also a little bit of history wrapped up in each of the symbols.

Despite being only 17 years of age, Ritchie Valens had already become so well known is to be referred to by the moniker California Kid. His specialty in music was the fusion of the accepted rock 'n roll, and his version of Spanish rock swing; it produced such timeless and wonderful hits like La Bamba. To commemorate his legacy, Real Time Gaming has produced this great slot that has the La Bamba record is the game scatter symbol.

Some of the other symbols on the lines include silver gramophones, well-tuned guitars, famous autographs, svelte dancing shoes, the latest concert and more. As you probably guessed by the 729 pay lines, this is an All Ways Pays Slots. Playing for real money, then you're probably interested in the biggest payout; tries 6000 X your initial bets on for size! To help you along the way here, there are scatter symbols, while symbols, multipliers, respins and free spins.

The real question is how do you win at Ritchie Valens La Bamba Slots? The Substitute symbol La Bamba record plays a huge role in the quality of the wins, because it replaces any other symbol except for the scatter musical notes, and doubles the resulting payout when it appears. When the scatter, itself, shows up, it can activate the Free Games Feature - it takes four musical note symbols across the reels to engineer this situation. Four Wild La Bamba records also unveils a considerable number of coins as a payout; you should refer to the pay table to find out just how much.

It's the same old song and dance here (pun intended); if you wish to try for some cash prizes, then download Ritchie Valens La Bamba Slots today. If you're in it for a nice trip down rock 'n roll memory lane and nothing else, play this slot inside your mobile device browser.